Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Feed Your Abs!

There are certain foods that help to shed the extra pounds from the abdomen and assist in the process of developing more prominent abdominal muscles. However, a lot of the time excess stomach fat is actually just bloating due to a slow digestive system. The following foods will either help to lower fat storage in the abdomen and/or help to speed up your digestive system to reduce or eliminate bloating. They're mostly low in calories but rich in essential nutrients leaving you feeling satiated for longer periods of time (less room will be left in your stomach for calorie-dense foods).

Fruits & Vegetables -
Leafy Greens: very low in calories but have a high fibre content as well as calcium (aids w. muscle contraction), help to provide fuel for your workouts
Red Peppers: beta carotene and lycopene (antioxidants) absorb harsh compounds that promote fat storage, and Vitamin C which is essential for fat burning
Apples: plenty of fibre and water, leave you feeling satiated for longer

Nuts & Oils -
Canola Oil: has a high omega-3 content to lower insulin levels, which lowers fat storage in the abdomen
Almonds: high in protein, fibre, Vitamin E (antioxidant), and magnesium (for energy), also help to regulate blood sugar (prevents cravings that lead to overeating and weight gain)
*the composition of almonds allows them to "block calories", which helps to reduce the absorption of all of their fat

Proteins -
Beans: stimulate weight loss, help to burn more fat that's just below the skin (subcutaneous) as well as deep fat (visceral), they help to build muscle, burn fat, and regulate digestion
Eggs: amino acids for muscle repair, and if eaten with a complex carb for breakfast will leave you less hungry throughout the day
Probiotic Yogurt: probiotics help to balance out bacteria in the stomach that can slow down digestion and cause belly puffiness, will help to reduce bloating and improve intestinal mobility

Beverages -
Milk (Low Fat): help to get rid of belly fat (and total fat), and assist in gaining more lean muscle (whey protein contains leucine - helps to form new muscle proteins)
Green Tea: stimulates metabolism, accelerates weight loss, and the antioxidants inhibit the absorption of fat

Nutrients -
Fibre: eat a whole grain cereal with a high fibre content to get your diestive system moving (reduces belly distention), consuming 2 kinds of fibre at once (insoluble fibre -bran - and soluble fibre - psyllium) helps to pull water into your colon to speed up elimination (you'll look and feel lighter)
Potassium: helps rid of excess water weight to minimize your middle section (abdomen)