Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Workout Nutrition Facts: Before vs. After?

Here are a few foods that are great for before a workout and some for after a workout. The best foods to eat before exercising are those that'll be super easy to digest and give you the fuel you need, whereas afterwards it's about replenishing and repair...

- Whole Wheat Toast w. PB, Banana & Cinnamon: mix of complex and simple carbs for a slow and steady release of energy during your workout, potassium to replenish what's lost when sweating, and the cinnamon helps to stabilize blood sugar

- Yogurt w. Nuts/Dried Fruit: easy on your stomach, healthy sugars for a quick energy boost, prevents insulin levels from lowering mid-workout (eat the nuts in moderation)

- Eggs w. Veggies: eggs are high in protein and help with muscle recovery/growth, avocado is a great addition due to the fibre and good fats (help the body absorb fat soluble vitamins found in vegetables like Vitamins A, D, E, and K)

- Salmon w. Sweet Potato: high in protein and peptides (protein molecules to help reduce inflammation, keep insulin levels in check, and provide joint support), complex carbs, and helps to restore glycogen levels that were lowered during the workout