Sunday, 13 April 2014

Life Lessons...

No one has everything they want...
...happy people don't have everything they want in life
...they just know how to make the best of everything that they do have

Be kind...
...everyone deserves kindness
...even your closest friends could be fighting a hard battle unbeknownst to you
...give everyone the benefit of the doubt and always be kind

It's okay to cry...
...the term "cry baby" has developed such a negative connotation; that if you cry it means you're weak
...but it's extremely healthy to release the emotional stress that causes the tears to build up
...crying lowers your manganese level which can elevate your mood

Regret is inevitable...
...being able to say "I don't have any regrets" does not make you a better person
...regret is inevitable, everyone is going to hurt at some point in their life
...being able to admit that regret hurts and not minding it is what makes you stronger

Don't let having to be perfect define you...'s okay not to be perfect because no one is
...everyone is unique in every possible way two people have the same habits, so let your own unique habits define who you are

Never give up...
...even when you feel like throwing in the towel just think about the people that you want to prove wrong
...but at the same time, it's important to not fear the judgement of those people's important to let go when your body tells you to, and to not be scared of making a change based on what other's will think or say about you

Make mistakes...'s important to be able to make mistakes, and to not be afraid to own up to them
...making a mistake doesn't make you a failure, it makes you better and smarter, so the more mistakes the better
...being able to make a mistake and admit to yourself and to others that you did is a power that will allow you to grow as a person

Hope everyone is having a great day!