Saturday, 26 April 2014

Beneficial "Ignored" Foods!

There are some foods that people tend to avoid, or just simply look-over, that deserve full recognition for the nutrients they deliver to your body!

1. Eggplant
- contains a large amount of fibre and all B Vitamins (energy providing)
- antioxidants to keep your lipid levels controlled and protect brain cells

2. Parsley
- contains an incredible amount of Vitamin K (bone building), and a substantial amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, while at the same time being extremely low in calories

3. Bulger
- a lesser-known grain that contains a large amount of fibre and B Vitamins
- it has a low glycemic index which helps to keep your insulin/blood glucose levels in check

4. Radishes
- natural (healthy) nitrates to increase blood flow to the brain (frontal lobe), which can reduce chances of dementia
- a whole radish contains just 1 calorie

5. Iced Tea
- if you drink it regularly it can reduce chances of Alzheimer's/diabetes
- contributes to healthier teeth/gums, and stronger bones
*if you're keeping a large batch in the fridge add lemon juice (citric acid) to preserve the beneficial flavonoids (antioxidants)
*make sure to drink a lightly sweetened or unsweetened version to avoid excess sugar in your diet