Thursday, 17 April 2014

7 Benefits of Practicing Yoga...

1. Flexibility:
- yoga helps to gradually loosen your muscles
- this can help reduce current aches and pains, and allow you to prevent pains that could occur later in life
- the result is also a leaner figure due to the lengthening muscles

2. Posture:
- yoga helps to strengthen your core
- each pose in yoga is meant to reinforce the muscles around the spine
- the result is a better natural posture (you won't have to constantly be thinking: "am I standing up straight?")

3. Strength:
- practicing yoga regularly will help to strengthen your muscles (specifically your core)
- the strengthening can help to prevent arthritis and back pain
- what you build strength wise is balanced with the gains in flexibility

4. Joint Mobility:
- each pose in yoga helps to maintain the full range of motion of the targeted joint
- joint cartilage won't wear out as much, helping you to maintain mobility as you age

5. Sleep:
- insomnia is often caused by anxiety and not knowing how to relax
- the mental and breathing exercises in yoga help to teach you how to slow your mind down
- the result is being able to sleep deeper at night

6. Stress Relief:
- yoga helps to clear your mind and teach you how to focus on your breathing
- your stress reaction will diminish at the time, and also will continue after class
- practicing yoga can also enhance your overall mood

7. Weight Control:
- to control your weight long term yoga needs to be combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise
- yoga helps to keep the weight off and your body toned
- by practicing yoga regularly you'll build lean muscle and define existing muscle without making your body look super buff