Monday, 28 April 2014

Unusual Weight Loss Methods!

Peppermint: the scent of peppermint can reduce hunger before a meal (lower caloric intake)
- brushing your teeth w. mint flavoured toothpaste right after eating tells your brain the meal is done and you'll be less tempted to take another bite of food

Vanilla: the scent of vanilla after eating suppresses dessert cravings (light a vanilla candle after eating) 

Colour: blue is an appetite suppressant
- wearing blue, eating off of a blue plate or tablecloth, and/or eating in a blue room will make your food look less appealing and you'll likely eat less

Size: eating off of smaller plates will cause you to serve yourself smaller portions, and often you'll find you're satisfied with these smaller meals

Temperature: sleeping in a colder room can increase weight loss (revs metabolism)
- you'll likely burn more calories while sleeping

Pictures: keeping pictures of healthy foods on your fridge and seeing them before snacking can help you stick to the healthy foods when choosing what to munch on
OCD: studies show that if you keep your desk tidy you'll be more likely to snack healthy

Seating: if you're out for dinner try to sit at the end of the table
- chairs near the centre of the dining table are within arms reach of the shared items (ex. bread baskets)

Guilt: if you eat an unhealthy meal it's better to not feel guilty afterwards
- dieters often overeat due to stress, so if you feel guilty after a meal it'll often cause you to eat another unhealthy meal

Snack Whole: eat unprocessed whole foods as much as possible, it requires more energy to break them down and digest therefore you burn more calories when you eat them (vs. refined foods)