Saturday, 26 April 2014

Stuffed Celery

Celery is great as an afternoon snack: low cal, gets the digestive system moving, and boosts our metabolism. But let's face really isn't that filling. Here's a great recipe that is low in calories, but will help you stay satiated until dinner time. This stuffed celery recipe is perfect as an appetizer or finger food too!

8 Celery Stalks
1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese (Low Fat)
1/2 Teaspoon Dill
1/2 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/4 Teaspoon Paprika

Handful of Olives (Chopped)
Sun-dried Tomatoes
Almonds (Chopped)

*Feel free to use cream cheese, however it'll increase the calories in this recipe...feta cheese is a great alternative though!

- Cut the stalks of celery in half to make them easier to eat.

- Mix the cheese, dill, garlic powder, and paprika together.

- Stuff the curves in the celery with the mixture.

- Top the stuffed celery with olives, sun dried tomatoes, and/or chopped almonds as you see fit.