Friday, 4 April 2014

Simple Workout Tips & My Workout Template!

I've always struggled with finding a good workout for my own body. I used to look online and read about what other people were doing as a guideline, and that would just discourage me because I knew that I wouldn't be able to do most of the online workouts.

For those of you with poor cardio-respiratory systems (ie. you have trouble breathing when out for a run)...spin class/indoor biking is a great alternative! It also is perfect for those with poor knees and/or hips, because it puts a lot less pressure on the joints.

My go-to workout on the bike is hands down H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training). There are many benefits, including being able to fit in a shorter workout but not letting it go to waste. The intense bursts kick your body's repair system into hyperdrive allowing you to burn more calories and fats for the 24 hours AFTER the workout instead of just burning calories DURING the workout itself. This means that you're more apt to lose weight and not muscle!

My daily workout routine is quite simple, and not too challenging. It's just enough for me personally, however the numbers can easily be adjusted if you feel like you're up for more, or not quite as much. With that being it is!

- 20-30 Minutes Cycling (4 Min. Steady/1 Min. H.I.)
- 30 Squats
- 75 Calf Raises
- 25 Crunches/20 Scissor Kicks x4
- 25 Front Bicep Curls (8lb)
- 25 Side Bicep Curls (8lb)

Gentle Stretching: Cobra alternating with downward dog to stretch out your abdominals from doing the crunches, and to stretch out your calves from the calf raises...