Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Metabolism Boosters!

Diet Changes:
Lean Protein...
...your body uses more energy to digest and break down protein
...you'll burn more calories after your meal if you substitute some of your carbohydrates with protein

...the omega-3 fatty acids adjust the levels of leptin (hormone) within your body
...eating fish will lower the levels of leptin and increase your metabolism so you'll burn fat faster

Whole Grains...
...complex carbohydrates and fibre help to increase your metabolism as well as keep your insulin levels low so your body doesn't start storing fat

Chili Peppers...
...contain the chemical capsaicin, which increases your heart rate and your metabolic rate
...the boost in heart rate helps to burn more calories throughout the day

...caffeine speeds up your heart rate
...this increase in heart rate makes your brain/nervous system run quicker
...the result is a short term rise in metabolic rate, which allows you to burn more calories throughout the day

Lifestyle Changes:
Drink Water!
...your body needs water to process calories, and it's best to drink half of your body weight in fluid ounces per day
...colder water will help to burn more calories because your body burns some in order to heat up the cold water to match your core temperature

Eat Breakfast!
...your body will go into starvation mode if you don't eat breakfast soon after you wake up
...starvation mode causes your metabolism to slow for your body to conserve energy

Meal Timing!
...eating big meals with hours in-between will cause your metabolism to slow down
...by snacking every 4 hours it'll keep your metabolism going throughout the day, and in turn you'll burn more calories

Muscle Building!
...individuals with more muscle have a higher resting metabolic rate because 1lb of muscle uses 6 calories per day to sustain itself, whereas 1lb of fat only uses 2 calories per day
...strength training raises your daily metabolic rate because it'll activate your muscles and they'll need more calories to sustain them

Interval Training!
...by increasing the intensity throughout your workout you'll burn the same number of calories in less time
...those who add sprints into their cardio workouts have been seen to lose more body fat
...the bursts of speed stimulate a fat burning response in your muscles and it'll allow your body to continue burning calories throughout the day