Friday, 25 April 2014

Mason Jar Crafts!

Glitter Coated Vases...'ll need: a foam brush, modpodge, glitter, painters tape do: paint the inside of the jar with modpodge, cover in glitter, let it try, dump excess glitter OR put painters tape around the outside of the jar, paint the bottom half with modpodge, coat the outside of the jar in glitter
...spray painted mason jars are also common!

Spice Jar Storage...
...label the jars on the front if it's a shelf or on the top of the jar if they're in a drawer

Bathroom Storage...
...fill them with q tips, cotton balls, cotton pads etc.
...if you decorate them they're cute on the counter top, or easy to store in a cupboard to keep things organized

Candles...'ll need: soy wax flakes, wicks w. tabs, scissors, large & small pot, pouring cup (pyrex measuring cup) do: prepare the wicks w. the tabs and place in the empty jars, fill the large pot half way with water and stick the small pot in it (double broiler) with the soy flakes, melt the wax and use the pyrex jar to pour into the jars, then let it cool can add in cloves or cinnamon, vanilla or peppermint oils etc. to the wax as it's melting

Layered Food...
...salads: place the dressing at the bottom with layers of hard vegetables, pack tightly with the greens at the top to avoid spillage and soggy greens
...cookie or cake mixes
...individual servings of desserts (microwave mug cakes)